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feelings are...

a note from myself to myself

I don't really know how to write a good story, but I wish I could be a good one. I usually don't write that much because I just fear that it won't be that good for any reader, so I think I am writing this one for myself.



I don't like to stay alone, but sometimes, being alone is really what I long to. it's the best time that my mind runs faster, creativity gets boosted and when work comes out. For me, there are many sources that can influence me, but there are only 2 ways that fit me the most. First one is that when I am really sad and the second one is that when I'm really is in love. weird right? Both of them are really different. Sadness really be such a big source of creativity and love as well. ​I always use these 2 feeling in order to create works. 



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