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Why 85mm f1.4 GM?

I have been using an 85mm lens since I started photography career and it is still one of my favorite lenses for any occasion. I use it for both travel and wedding work and here are all the reasons why I still love it.

1. PORTRAITS: The first main reason why 1.4 GM is my first choice is its depth of field that this lens can create. I use 85mm1.4 with sony A7iii, the auto-focus is super fast and sharpness is really perfect even you try to shoot at 1.4.

F1.4 , Shutter Speed 1/400 , ISO 160

2. 85MM: At this short TELE length, you can create amazing travel photo. I always love to place the model in front of a beautiful background such as amazing architecture, mountain, beautiful landscape.

F1.4 , Shutter Speed 1/6400 , ISO 64

3. ITS DISTANCE FROM THE SUBJECT: If you love to shoot street photography or document people around you and don't want to disturb the subject. At this focal length, you can shoot very easily.

F1.4 , Shutter Speed 1/250, ISO 800

4. DETAILS: As the name of the "G-Master" lens from Sony brand, you will not be disappointed with the detail of any photos. its sharpness quality score really high, no distortion, vignette at all. Here is a photo I shot while the train was moving really fast and here is a result of using this lens.

F1.4 , Shutter Speed 1/250, ISO 800

5. AUTOFOCUS, EYES FOCUS & BOKEH: no need to worry about out of focus anymore if you use this lens in AF mode, super-fast even you can track a moving model. and of course, with f1.4, you can really get incredible beautiful BOKEH.

6. SHOOTING AT NIGHT: And yes, there is no need to worry if you need to shoot at low light or at night, no need to push too high ISO (less noise), I tried a lot shooting at night even with higher F and it is absolutely no problem at all.

F9, Shutter Speed 1/50 sec, ISO 1000

F10, Shutter Speed 15 sec, ISO 200

These are some main reasons why I bought this lens and always carry it everywhere I go. For the cons side, I think this lens is a bit heavy when you need to go somewhere far like trekking, also its price is a bit high (but I think it is fair enough with its quality.).

Here are more photos I took with 85mm 1.4 GM

Hope you enjoy this short review. All shot in Australia, 2019.



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