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How to do Test and Go in Thailand (no quarantine anymore) & 10 Locations for taking photos in NYC!

The world is now OPEN!! Let’s Go travel together!!

Hello folks! We just came back from New York city last week and we want to share you guys about how to traveling to Thailand. It is very easy right now as you can do “Test & Go” option in Thailand.

So, we will start with all the process of how to get into Thailand first and then we will write about all locations that we really like in New York.

The Process is very easy! What you need for traveling to Thailand are just 3 things!

1. Your Boarding Pass

2. Your Personal Passport

3. Thailand Pass! (This one is really important and we suggest you to register it 5 days before your flight.)

About how to register the Thailand Pass, you can simply register on this site , there will be all instruction in the website, but we will write it down here as well so you can understand it easier!

For Non-Thai Nations, you can check the eligible countries on this one “” and these are all documents that you will need for register Thailand pass

1. Passport and Thai Visa (If required)

2. Certificate of Vaccination

3. Paid AQ/ SHA Extra+ hotel reservation for 1 day including fee for 1 RT-CPR Test, 1 ATK self-test kit and airport transfer (there is a list on this given website that you can check as well, or just go through Agoda.)

4. Insurance with minimum coverage of 20,000 USD (not required for Thai nationals / foreign residents in Thailand can use social security or certificate from their employer)

Here is the station where you will need to show the Thailand pass QR Code and immigration card [for non-Thai citizen, the card will be given on an airplane.]

After you have got you luggage, there will be stations showing all hotel sign, look for the one you have book or ask any staffs there. They will handle the rest!

The hotel will arrange the commute for you and take you to the hotel, after check-in, you can will have to do a RT-PCR test at the hotel and stay 1 night for a result, if you have negative test, you are free to go out and enjoy Thailand!

Before you travel you need to book a flight, right? Don’t forget it and check out this link from Traveloka! Going to Bangkok, Thailand

You can also check out all airport and border’s regulations via this link!

And here is more blog for Traveling in Thailand!

OK! Now let’s get back to our 10 photo spots in NYC!

1. DUMBO Bridge : As everyone would come here for taking photos, we suggest you to come in early morning so that you can avoid lots of people in your photo.

2. Central Park: you can spend a whole day here in central park, as it is very big. We are here in Spring season, so there are lots of flowers blooming especially cherry blossom.

3. Oculus Center: This one is a mall and also sub-way station : The architecture works here is really special. We suggest you have to come as it is not difficult and really worth it. There is also a 911 memorial nearby and a museum!

4. Flat Iron Building : Another Iconic Building and special architecture that you definitely have to come visit! It’s almost at the center of Manhattan and there are many places nearby that you can go such as mall, café, restaurant.

5. Little Island : As its name, it a small island that is has such an interesting structure, we saw many people came her for chilling and exercise. It is also a good spot for taking photos.

6. Summit Once Vanderbilt: New York City’s latest observation view. It’s said to be one of the most thrilling view in the city. The ticket cost around $59 for adult or you can check the price here : | we suggest you also check the weather before you book. If it is on a cloudy day, you won’t see any view like our photos, but we love it anyway as the reflection is super cool!

7. Jane’s Carousel: is a classic 3 row machine with 48 horses and 2 chariots built in 1922. The tickets are just $2. It is a very nice location as you can see Brooklyn bridge from there also there are cool market nearby.

8. Delmonico : A super cool restaurant near wall street! It is very easy to go and a cool place to take photos!

9. Staple street skybridge: one of the smallest streets in the city, running just two blocks. And then there’s that curious feature suspended over this tiny passage. Look up from Staple Street, and you’ll see a cast-iron bridge, connecting two buildings with separate addresses, suspended three stories above the ground. Location:

10. Top of the rock: Nestled at the height of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Top of the Rock’s three levels of indoor and outdoor observation decks deliver spectacular, unobstructed views of the city skyline. The ticket cost around $35-$40 per person.

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