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What is in my bag : all camera gears in 2020

Let's say, I am trying to update more blogs about photography due to the "coronavirus" which I have to stay at home for self-quarantine and really have so much free time. This first blog will be about all my gears while I use it for both professional work and also while traveling.


  1. Sony A7iii: My main gear for everyday life, I use this for both work and travel. This sony E-mount is really good for every occasion. I have to accept that it is really not the best in the market if you focus on color skin tone and it is really easy to get broken somehow on this model. (I got it fixed twice already for this 2-3 years, but I did shoot more than 100,000 shots before it got broken.) There are also many reasons I use this sony a7iii as I mostly shoot wedding photography and travel photography. Sony has created so many amazing E-mount lenses which give very fast FOCUS, very sharp quality photos, great colors for my moody tone, very good eyes focus, high ISO and good dynamic range. Oh and one more thing, it is really easy to use analogue lens on this sonya7iii.​

  2. Leica M6 : I just begin shooting film last year, so I am still new in this market. I tried to shoot 3-4 rolls for each trip and found this M6 is really easy to do street photography.


  1. Sony FE 1.8/55mm:  Let's say that this is my daily lens since I started using a Sony camera. it's the normal focal length lens which gives super-fast autofocus, sharp focus and very good bokeh for the 1.8 lenses, but the best reason is its weight and small size which make it very easy to carry around.​

  2. Sony FE2.8/16-35 GM:  16-35mm lens is my second lens that I always put in my bag as its wide angles lens can be really useful for shooting architecture and even a model. I normally use this for interior and exterior works and Landscape photography. F 2.8 can be really useful when you are shooting stars at night.

  3. Sony FE1.4/85 GM: My favorite short-TELE lens for travel. I would say that it is also my best lens when shooting portraits. The fast focus, quality of depth and bokeh are really amazing. it's just that the weight is a little bit heavy. You can use this for fashion and food photography as well.​

  4. Sony FE4/70-200 G OSS: Just got this lens a month ago, so I still haven't played with it that much, but whenever I go on the street, using this lens makes everything much easier. The reason why I bought this F4 instead of the GM is because of its weight that is much lighter than the GM.​

  5. Voigtlander 35mm f1.4: a good and cheap M-mount lens, I use it for my M6 camera, though the vignette is really high, it can give a super moody and interesting bokeh. Recommend for anyone who loves the analogue lens.​​​​

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